3 Fitness Swag Ideas for Your Most Loyal Customers or Employees

3 Fitness Swag Ideas for Your Most Loyal Customers or Employees

Businesses have started to reward their most loyal customers and employees with fitness swag. Why? For starters, the pandemic has made it harder for companies to build and keep their customer base. Additionally, employees are working from home which decreases morale. But that is where fitness swag comes in. Fitness swag can be extremely valuable in retaining customers, bringing in new revenue, brand awareness and creating team bonding. By giving a customer or employee custom fitness accessories, your company can show you care while also promoting your brand every time they use it. So here are the 3 best ideas for fitness swag for your customers and employees.

Custom Shaker Cup

Perhaps the most useful of all fitness swag is the shaker cup. Shaker cups can be used for juices, smoothies and protein shakes. They are the ideal gym or workout companion. It allows you to take a nutritious fitness drink with you to the gym, on a hike, while climbing etc.  

It's on the top of the list of fitness swag ideas because not only will it be useful for customers and employees but it's ripe for custom branding. Tell us what you need and we can put your logo, slogan or color scheme onto the shaker cup. Made from high-quality materials, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Other features of Performa shaker cups include shatter resistant, 100% leak free and ActionRod that makes sure that the shake is mixed properly. 

Take a look also at our custom shaker sleeve which makes it easier to carry around with you, especially when you are going hiking or trail biking.  

Custom Fitness Towel

fitness towel is not like a bath towel. It's much lighter and it's made from a different kind of material. Firstly, it has to wick away your sweat, but also, allow it to evaporate quickly. So it needs to be a mixture of synthetic and natural materials. Our custom towel can be branded in any way you want. Crucially it's antimicrobial, so any germs or oils that are filled with debris, won’t cause spots or itchy patches on your skin. As mentioned, it's fast-drying, so you can use it again and again during the week without needing to clean it regularly.  

The thing that makes fitness swag ideas so appealing, is that they are practical. Customers and employees can use this towel in their personal lives and be reminded of their affiliation with your brand. This is important beyond words because your brand has become a normal everyday part of someone’s life. You're in their mind every day, so you play some role in their fitness journey.

Meal Cooler Bag 

cooler bag is going to keep food fresh for about 12-24 hours. Our custom 3 or 6-meal cooler bag can be customized to suit your particular brand. It does the job just as you would expect, by keeping the outside air out and thus the ambient temperature cannot affect the food for a long time. It's so well-made that we have no problem, supplying you with a limited lifetime warranty. There are no set-up fees, it's free shipping and it comes with TSA approved ice packs. You can have 1 side that is printed with a 2-color logo. It also comes with dishwasher safe, leak-proof containers that you can put in the microwave. 

This kind of swag is awesome and sure to be one of the first things that customers and employees reach for when you show it to them. They are super practical, which is why people would like to take them with them, on hiking trips, camping, workout retreats, fitness events and of course, while they are on a road trip. We would love to see what kind of custom branding ideas you have for this. 

Performa Services

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us anything. Use the inquiry feature on our website, it's super easy and you can use it to get a free quote. Alternatively, email us to sales@performacustom.com

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