Performa Custom 3 Meal Cooler Bags

Tired about fighting over your lunch with coworkers? Or maybe you're wanting to brand your company's logo on a product that customers will actually use.  We've got the solution for you.

The PERFORMA™ 3 Meal Custom Branded Matrix lunch bag is the more compact version of our best selling 6 Meal Custom Branded Matrix meal prep bag. Best of all, we don't have a MOQ target that you have to hit.  If you're just looking for one bag, your can customize one bag.  If you want more custom bags, you'll simply get a better deal and the same great product.

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Each $72.99


Each $34.99


Each $29.99


Each $28.99


NO Set-Up Fees, NO Hidden Charges, Free shipping in the USA

3 Meal Cooler Bag, Performa USA

What’s included with the 3 Meal Matrix lunch bag?

3 Meal Cooler Bag, Your Brand Here, Black, Performa Custom

Physical Size & Volume

Although the 3 Meal Custom Branded Matrix cooler bag is smaller in size than our 6 meal Custom Branded prep bag, it holds a ridiculous amount of food and daily items.

Garage Pocket

Within the side garage pocket, three 24 oz PERFORMAmeal prep containers fit perfectly. The entire inside of this pocket is foil lined to keep your meals colder for longer. There is a built in mesh pocket on the inside of the garage door  to hold the included TSA approved ice pack. The placement of this ice pack pocket means all three meal containers will be directly in contact with the ice pack for maximum coolness.

3 Meal Cooler Bag, Garage Door for easy access of meal containers, Performa USA

Cargo Pocket

On the front of the bag you’ll find a large cargo pocket. This pocket expands out 2 inches and has two velcro patches to safely secure your items. We love using this pocket for items such as your keys, phone or wallet.

3 Meal Bag, Front Cargo Pocket, Performa USA

Shaker/Water Bottle Pocket

On the side opposite to the garage  pocket, you’ll find an insulated mesh slip pocket. Designed to snuggly fit our PERFORMA™ Custom Branded shaker cups,  this pocket will keep  your drink from falling out. Because this pocket uses an insulated mesh it will keep your drink colder for longer  and help with bottle sweating

3 Meal Bag, Side Insulated Shaker Pocket, Performa USA


Mesh Pocket

On the backside of the bag, you’ll find a large (same length as the entire bag) mesh pocket. This pocket was added to give you easy access to your most needed items. Whether you want to keep your phone, credit cards or a notebook in this pocket, you’ll always have eyes on this go-to items. The elastic band at the top of the pocket is tight to ensure nothing falls out.

Top Compartment

Three meals may be enough for some but for those who like to snack as much as the PERFORMA™ team, we’ve added additional foil insulated storage for your snacks, protein bars, fruit or even an extra meal. The top compartment is the same size as one of our 24oz meal containers and individual containers can be purchased separately.

3 Meal Cooler Bag, Insulated Snack Compartment, Performa uSA

Shoulder Strap

The 3 Meal Custom Branded Matrix lunch bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a top handle, both which are padded for comfort. Depending on how you want to use your Matrix bag, you can easily detach the shoulder strap from the integrated clips. The placement of the shoulder strap clips sit off center so you can comfortable carry the bag with minimum friction.

3 Meal Cooler Bag, Padded Shoulder Strap, Performa USA

Travel & Uses 

We love the PERFORMA3 Custom Branded Meal Matrix cooler bag for a lot of different purposes. Not only is this the best lunch bag for adults, the sleek design and multipurpose storage makes it great for elementary school students up to university TAs. We have traveled with the 3 Meal Custom Branded Matrix bag as the ice packs are TSA approved and it makes the perfect carry-on. 

The PERFORMA Nation community has provided us amazing feedback on how they use our meal prep bags. Nurses, truck drivers, pilots, firefighters, teachers, students, bodybuilding competitors and parents alike have expressed how convenient and organized the Matrix bags are.

Premium Quality & Warranty 

Right down to the zipper handles being used, the PERFORMA3 Meal Custom Branded Matrix cooler bags are premium quality. All of our meal bags come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and with the Performa Promise, the process is quick and painfree. We ensure all PERFORMA products and have gone through the extra precautions to ensure zippers, stitching, container quality all uphold to the highest standard.

Ready to Custom Brand your 3 Meal Bags, shop HERE and Customize right on our website.


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