5 Branded Fitness Products Perfect for Promoting your Businesses

Today, there are more people than ever into fitness and health. Whether people like a gym or at-home workouts, they need specific products to train and get active. Therefore, the industry for training equipment is booming and a great way to grow your business. No matter if fitness fanatics need help with meal prep or apparel to wear to workout, it is guaranteed that they will need some kind of product to exercise. Here are five branded fitness products for promoting your business.

Shaker Cups

Shaker cups are useful for carrying around protein shakes, or simply water or juice. Everyone needs hydrating whilst working out and shaker cups are more popular than ever. These are designed to be easily portable, with a two-finger holder for carrying. Plus, the bottle contains ActionRod Technology to make mixing your protein shakes easier than ever. They are shatter-resistant as they are made from durable plastic and come with a lifetime warranty. Shaker cups are desired by everyone that works out. Other features of Performa shaker cups include shatter resistant, 100% leak free and an Actionrod They will help build brand awareness as they are a product everyone loves and needs. When people see others using your branded shaker cup in the gym, they will witness the business name and probably look it up to get one of their own.

Meal Prep

Cooler bags and containers make meal prep a lot easier. If a customer is into their meal planning, then they will most likely be looking at ways to store and carry around their prepped meals. These make it easy to transport meals to the office, or even to the gym to eat post-workout. An ultra-premium prep kit will make meal transportation much more reliable. Thus, the product will increase customer loyalty as they are meal prep containers and bags that customers can trust. Some products even include multiple storage slots for drinks, snacks, the main meal, and anything else you need to carry around.


Every gym-goer or exerciser will need apparel to wear for comfort and endurance. From t-shirts and tank tops to hoodies and face masks, there is something for everyone. You can easily print your brand’s logo onto any apparel item, which they will most likely wear out and about as well as exercising, which is an additional advertisement for your business. Similarly, you could get your staff t-shirts that all match, which they will wear to work. Again, they will most likely wear these out and about for extra advertising if they are comfortable or if you ask them to. Everyone loves t-shirts and hoodies for comfort, so apparel is a no-brainer. Also with the pandemic, you could get your staff face masks or offer them out to your clients at the gym. This will increase brand awareness with cost-effective advertising.

Fitness Mat

It is common for a lot of fitness fanatics to purchase their own mat. Often, branded mats sell better due to trust in a brand. These mats could be taken along to the gym with the paying customer, which will be a cost-effective marketing technique for you as others will see the mat and may question where it’s from. Additionally, you could get a pack of branded fitness mats to put in your gym which customers can use to work out. These yoga mats are created with heat-proof pressing so there is really no limitation on what design you want to add, whether it is big or small, colorful or neutral.

Fitness Towel

Many gym-goers like to shower after working out or wipe away their sweat mid-workout. Some even like to cover a workout bench to stop it from getting sweaty. Thus, a fitness towel is a great branded product to increase brand awareness. These could be left lying around the gym or eye-catching in the changing rooms, which is a great cost-effective advertising method for your business. Towels are not just used for the gym, they can be used for other activities too such as hiking, yoga, swimming, and so much more. They are lightweight and absorbent, which makes them easy to carry around and won’t make customers’ other belongings wet throughout the day. 

If your business is looking for branded fitness products for the workout space or to sell to customers, meal, fitness, and clothing accessories are the best bet. Everyone needs a water cup or activewear for exercising, so you will guarantee to sell them to a loyal customer base. Plus, them carrying the branded product around is a great form of cost-effective advertising. 

Performa ensures extremely satisfactory service with everything they offer. You can get high-quality fitness accessories with custom logos. Place your order right now!

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