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If you’re a business, then it’s essential to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. After all, this is a competitive market, and if you’re going to stick in the minds of the public, you’ll need to find ways to make yourself memorable. One such way to do this is to invest in custom fitness accessories. How do you accomplish this? By taking all the essential fitness accessories and customizing them so that they have your brand’s name or logo (or both) on them. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the best custom accessories. Once you have them, you’ll find that you’ll have the perfect accessories to give away as promotional items or to sell at your store or gym. 

About Performa

There’s no shortage of fitness accessories that you can use to promote your brand. However, make sure that you use a company that gives you the most significant boost and works with a quality company that understands the process of customizing items. Here at Performa Custom, we offer a wide range of fitness items, all of which can be customized. Manufactured to the highest standard, they’ll help to elevate your business and cement your company branding. Let’s take a look at some of our top custom fitness accessories.


As anyone who engages in fitness activities will know, the clothing you wear can significantly impact your comfort and performance. For this reason, custom clothing is one of the best things that you can offer your customers. There’s no shortage of items that can be customized so that they have your brand or logo on the front. It could be that you want to offer t-shirtstank topslong sleeves, or hoodies, all of which are pretty standard items in a person’s fitness bag. At Performa, our custom clothing is machine washable, lightweight, and made of fine jersey fabric.

You can also look at getting cloth masks -- these have become an essential addition during the pandemic, especially if you want to visit the gym. Our cloth masks are reusable, moisture-wicking, machine washable, and fit securely over ears. Your customers will appreciate having a mask that not only keeps them safe but which also looks cool. 

Shaker Cups

It’s not just what you do at the gym that counts; what you’re feeding your body is also essential. Anyone who wants to maximize results needs to have a shaker cup in their locker. There are many different styles of shaker cups that you can have customized. Finding the right one is all about figuring out what style and size you need, choosing a color, and then adding your branding to the front. Of course, you’ll also want to check that the shaker cup meets the highest standards as the benefits of offering customers custom products will only be felt if they are made well and function well. Your customers don’t want leaks, so ensure that you have the best technology and are strong enough to handle being dropped on the gym floor. 

And that is what you get with Performa shaker cups! Our proprietary ActionRod is suspended in the center to ensure a perfect mix every time with just a few shakes. Our shakers also include leak-proof, BPA free plastic, shatter-resistant, and integrated handle for comfortable two-finger hold.

Yoga Mats

Exercise is a broad field, and you’ll find that more and more gyms are deciding to offer activities that benefit the body in other ways, such as yoga. While there are plenty of people who want to try yoga, not everybody has a mat -- yet this is an essential tool. Invest in customized yoga mats, and you’ll have mats to offer your customers. And since they’re customized, you’ll also be promoting your brand. So check out Performa yoga mats - they consist of high-quality closed-cell PVC Vinyl foam, non-slip, lightweight, durable, and extra cushioned.


You can’t just take any towel to the gym; it has to boost performance and be activity appropriate. By offering your customers a well-made towel, you’ll also help ensure the sanitation of the facility, something that’s especially important during the coronavirus pandemic. The towel will have your name or logo on the front, which means that the people using them will become a walking advertisement for your business, too. Performa towels are first-rate for any gym-goer as they are lightweight, antimicrobial, fast-drying, and moisture-wicking.

Locker Locks

Everyone knows that they need to have a lock for the locker when they go to the gym, but not everybody remembers theirs -- it’s one of those things that you only realize that you don’t have when you arrive. As such, offering locks at your facility isn’t just an excellent way to boost the revenue of your business, it’s also an excellent service to provide your customers. A customized lock will help to promote your brand. You can even include them for free when someone signs up for your gym. Performa locker locks are four dial combination, chrome plated shackle, premium casing, and easy to set and reset, making it the perfect accessory to promote your business.

Performa Services

Performa ensures extremely satisfactory service with everything they offer. You can get high-quality fitness accessories with custom logos. Place your order right now!

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