Can you get custom yoga mats with a logo?

Yoga is great fun and offers many health and wellbeing benefits - and it requires a mat. Yoga is very popular today and therefore many people are looking to buy yoga mats. If you’ve got a yoga fitness business and are looking for a way to boost your profits, look no further than Performa’s customizable yoga mats.

About Performa

We are a world-class company that strives to help businesses boost their visibility and achieve their goals. We do this by manufacturing high-quality custom products for the health and fitness industry. Asides from yoga mats, we offer shaker cups, meal prep, and other forms of fitness apparel. 

Performa Yoga Mats

Yoga is rapidly increasing in popularity and many fitness companies are offering yoga classes to meet public demand. You can’t do yoga without one essential piece of equipment - the mat. Because of this yoga mats are the perfect business endeavor. But, can you get custom yoga mats with logo? Absolutely! Getting custom yoga mats for your yoga class is an effective way to establish more brand awareness, gain customer loyalty and, of course, make extra profits. 

All our yoga mats are completely durable, lightweight, comfortable, non-slip, and made with high-quality closed-cell PVC Vinyl foam. The yoga mat will greatly emphasize your brand name and logo so that it is not forgotten anytime soon (you have total control over the design by the way). Every time a customer attends their yoga class they’ll look at your brand name while doing, for instance, the downward dog, plus those attending the class will have their eyesight caught by Performa's stunning custom yoga mat too (they may even want to buy one themselves). 

There are no set-up fees and the price per unit is $59.99 for six mats. If you require more than six, you can request a free quote. 

Main features:

  • Minimum qty starting at 6 units

  • 1/4" thick

  • 24" x 72"

  • High-quality closed-cell PVC Vinyl foam

  • White base color that's super sticky for extra grip

  • Lightweight, easily rolled

  • Has an embedded fabric mesh to increase durability and prevent tearing

  • Non-slip, extra cushioned

  • Free Shipping

  • No Set-up fee

  • Ultra-fast Turnaround (2-4 weeks)

  • Care - Washable (Recommend warm soapy water

Customer testimonials

“Great looking yoga mat and made perfectly soft and durable. Definitely recommend” - what a yoga lover has to say about Performa Yoga Mats

How can I use the yoga mats?

There are many ways to use Performa's custom yoga mats to your advantage. For example, you could give them away as a promo, or put them up for sale at a local yoga store or even set up your own merch store inside your business. Overall, the possibilities are endless. 

In summary

Yoga is very popular in 2021 and fitness businesses need to jump on the bandwagon by offering an essential yoga item - a mat. Not only is this a great way to increase company profits but it is beneficial for raising brand awareness and gaining customer loyalty. Can you get custom yoga mats with logo? Yes, you can! Performa offers custom yoga mats that effectively promote your business. Your name and logo will be placed slap bang in the middle of the mat so it cannot be forgotten. The yoga mats are lightweight, non-slip and durable. You can book a free quote to find out how much this investment will cost you. An idea for using these mats is to give them away as part of a free promo. 

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