Custom Logo Products for Businesses: 7 Things You Need to Know First

Custom Logo Products For Businesses: 7 Things You Need To Know First

Today, we're going to talk about making custom shaker cups or water bottles. We get asked all the time about this, and there's actually seven questions that are most commonly asked that we think you should ask anyone before you make any kind of custom shaker cup or water bottle.

Shipping and Customs

First, shipping and customs. Who is paying shipping and customs? What if there's a customs issue? We run into this all the time where someone gives us a quote on a certain bottle, but doesn't include shipping or doesn't include customs or doesn't include any of the duties that come in. We actually have seen quite often where there's actually a customs fee that comes up based on an inspection of a shipment or anything like that. That does happen. Always make sure it's clear who pays if there's any kind of customs issues, there's duties or who's paying shipping. Make sure those things are asked ahead of time, because it really can bite you with some extra fees.

Printing and Ink

Question number two, what kind of ink is the company using? Are they using UV ink? Are they using standard ink? Do you even know the kind of ink they are using? Ink really matters when it comes to doing any kind of custom bottles or custom imprints or anything like that, because the ink is your brand. That's the special part that's being added to the bottle. But how are they putting your logo on there? Is it going to last, is it going to smear off? Those are questions you need to know. What kind of ink you're using, how long is it going to last? So as an example, with Performa, we use a proprietary ink called ExtraLast UV Ink. That's ink that actually stays on your bottle longer than, honestly, most other bottles. It doesn't smear off. It doesn't rub off. It doesn't scratch off as easy. Your logo stays on the bottle substantially longer, which is what you're paying for.


The third question is, does the company offer a leak-free guarantee? That is the most important part when it comes to a shaker cup or a water bottle, is it going to leak? Are they going to offer you a guarantee? Because honestly, if they're not, I'd be very leery about working with that company. Well-made shaker cups or well-made water bottles should not leak. We offer a hundred percent leak-free on every single product we make, because the alternative is... Bottom line is you want to make sure your bottle does not leak. Make sure the company gives you a leak-free guarantee, or I would probably look for someone else. At Performa, our shaker cups are extremely durable - shatter resistant and 100% leak free.


Do you have insurance? Do they have insurance on the product? Who has insurance on it? Chances are shaker cups or water bottles aren't your primary business that you're getting logoed. You probably sell something else, a service or supplements or some other kind of product. Do you have insurance for this product? What if something goes wrong with it? What if someone chokes on it? What if some other injury happens because of the bottle? Do you have insurance? But us as Performa Custom, we're a custom manufacturer of this product. We have insurance on this product. So if anything was to go wrong, you'd be covered if you order custom shaker cups from us.


The fifth question I would ask is warranty. What kind of warranty are they offering on the product? Is there no warranty? Is it a one-year warranty? Is it a limited lifetime warranty? At Performa we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all the products that we make against manufacturer defects or any kind of problems that can go wrong associated with how the product is made. The product is a quality product. Whatever company's making your custom shaker cups or water bottles should stand behind their product and ensure they offer you a great warranty. Ask about the warranty, see what they say. The answer, honestly, might surprise you. It might make you want to look elsewhere depending who you're talking to.


The sixth question I would ask the company looking to make a custom product for you is, is this product patented? If they don't know, I would definitely be raising some huge red flags. We go through every single product that we make and we offer custom to you. We make sure there's no patent infringement. There's no kind of issue when it comes to making a product. Honestly, you need to make sure that your product doesn't fall under anyone's patent. We see this all the time when people go and order from China directly. The patents are different in every country and not every factory knows what the patent laws are in your country. We know it at Performa. So you need to make sure before you go and order any custom product, is there a patent, is there patent infringement?


Which will actually lead us into question number seven, lawsuits. What happens if there's a lawsuit on the product? What happens if you make something with some factory in China? What happens if you make something with some company that doesn't have a great reputation? What happens if there's a lawsuit on the product, whether it's just, as I mentioned, there's a patent infringement, or if something goes wrong with the product? We talked about the warranty, we talked about all the issues that can go wrong. What happens if there is a lawsuit? Think about it when you place the order, but once the actual product goes out there and it's in the market, that's a risk you're taking. So you need to make sure what happens if there's a lawsuit. What do we do? Who's covered? Are we covered? That's another peace again with Performa Custom, we actually have an on-staff counsel to be able to take care of anything should it arise. You can have peace of mind when ordering from Performa Custom that should any kind of complications or any concerns arise, we have your back and we're in this with you together. We've done the due diligence in advance to ensure that you are safe.

Customer Service

And the bonus question, maybe not even a question as much as what's the company like that you're ordering from? What's the level of service they're providing? Are they responding to your calls? Are they providing great digital proofs? Are they really holding your hand through the process, especially if it's your first time ordering a custom shaker cup or custom water bottle? Are they really providing you that white glove service? Service is our number one core value at Performa Custom. To make sure they're providing you great service, that is the key when it comes to making, honestly, such an important purchase, putting your brand on another product that you're giving out to your customers. That really, really matters.

I know we covered a lot over these seven questions, and not every question will be applicable to your specific situation, but my goal is to make sure that you fully understand the custom buying process. Not only knowing the risks, but just all the things you want to look out for. You want to make sure your product's great. We want to make sure your product's great. Make sure you're asking these questions, because honestly, sometimes the answers will really surprise you.

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