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Health & Fitness 2020 Life Hack: Multipurpose Protein Shaker 

Our number one health and fitness hack to make carrying your protein, vitamins and everything in between, easier. 


Carrying around three different shaker bottles for your pre-workout, during workout and protein is not efficient. Using this product is bound to become your health and fitness life hack for 2020. 

What do we look for in a protein shaker?

After extensive research, our team has determined the top five things customers look for in a quality, protein shaker—and the PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus checks all the boxes.

  1. Leak-Free Guaranteed
The last thing you want to worry about when getting home from a long workout is having your gym back soaked through from a leaking bottle—we’ve all been there. Our innovative design promises to be leak-free. 
  1. 100% BPA Free

BPA (or BPA free) has been a buzzword in recent years. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A and is an estrogen-imitating chemical often used to produce reusable plastics. When digested, BPAs can act as hormones in the body threatening your normal hormone function—which regulate almost everything in the body.

The PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus is BPA free, using the healthy plastic. 

  1. Dishwasher safe

No one likes to hand wash their shakers, the PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus is completely dishwasher safe. We even go one step further and make our ActionRod attachment removable for a deeper clean. 

  1. Durable 

Drop your container to any bag or cup holder without worrying about cracking. At PERFORMA™ we only trust quality, durable plastic. 

  1. Any Extra Features

The PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus offers a variety of extras that a lot competitor shakers do not offer such as our ActionRod technology, extra versatile storage for protein, snacks and vitamins and a variety of style options.

What’s different about this protein shaker?

Compared to other shaker bottles on the market, the PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus offers   a variety of extras to make the product unique. 

Not only is there an attachable storage container for extra snacks, vitamins or protein, there’s a completely self-contained container that can be used with the shaker or on its own. The circular container features two lids: one exposing the compartmentalized side of the container meant for vitamins and one exposing the larger section meant for holding protein powder. 

Health & Fitness 2020 Life Hack

Stop bringing separate protein shakers or Ziplock bags for your pre-workout, during workout and protein supplements. Keep everything contained and efficient with the PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus

You can even prepare your shakers for the week on meal prep Sunday with all of your pills and proteins so all you need to do is grab and go. 

What do you think of the PERFORMA™ Perfect Shaker Plus? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.




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