How to order personalized protein shaker cups

Businesses can establish a stronger presence in the health and fitness industry with personalized protein shake cups. They are great at boosting your brand awareness, earning additional revenue, advertising your business, and gaining customer loyalty. They also make fantastic promotional gifts. To put it simply, these cups give you quick and easy business success. 

But where would you find such a cup? With PERFORMA shaker cups of course!

PERFORMA shaker cups: an overview

Our ultimate goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and we achieve this by working closely with businesses in the health and fitness industry. PERFORMA is a world-class fitness accessory company creating a wide range of products that meet the intense demands of a variety of different consumers.  

What we can offer you

We provide a wide selection of custom protein shaker cups, with sizes starting at 20oz and going all the way up to 40oz. Our carefully crafted cup designs are perfect for customers and for marketing your business.

All our products achieve the following: 

  • Effective marketing - your brand name is plastered on the cup so it can’t be forgotten

  • Sustainability - the materials we use are eco-friendly and 100% BPA free

  • A range of colours - so everyone can pick their favourite color

  • Shatter resistance - there's no need to worry about refunding damages

Products we sell

We sell three different cups, here’s a rundown explaining why each one is special 

ACTIV shaker cups

Available in 20, 28, and 40 oz, the activ shaker cup promises smooth mixing. An integrated lid is included that allows two-finger carrying.

CLASSIC shaker cups

You can't go wrong with a classic. The domed lid and action rod technology enable effortless mixing. Classic shaker cups are available in 20 and 28 oz.

PLUS shaker cups

Go big or go home. These cups are perfect for hardcore fitness enthusiasts because they have a built-in storage container for your powders and supplements so you can use them on the go. 

How to order personalized protein shaker cups

PERFORMA shaker cups are of the highest quality in the market. The following is a step by step guide on how to create shaker cups with a custom logo on PERFORMA:

Step 1 - Choose size (20oz, 24oz, 28oz or 48oz) and with it, the type of the shaker cup (ACTIV, LUMA, PLUS or CLASSIC)

Step 2- Click on the “Get Started Now” blue button

Step 3 - Choose the color of your bottle

Step 4 - Add an image (You can choose one from your device or Instagram then choose to rotate or change the image size on shaker)

Step 5 -  Add text (options include text size, text alignment, text color, font, line height, rotation). Additionally, you can make text square/rectangle or circular according to the design you have in mind.

Step 6 - Preview and approve the design

Step 7 - Finalize purchase (choose how many you want and add a payment method)

In summary

Investing in personalized protein shaker cups is a sure way to achieve more success as a business. The best quality custom protein shaker cups can be found at PERFORMA Shaker Cups. You can choose ACTIV, CLASSIC or PLUS shaker cups.

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