How to Properly Use Wrist Wraps

Welcome to the part one of our how to use Straps and Wraps series.

Ever see those people at the gym using Wrist Wraps and you were saying to yourself, what are those for? How do you use those? Why would you use those? We've got all your questions answered 😜

What are Wrist Wraps?

Wrist wraps are intended to provide your wrists with extra support whenever you are doing overhead lifts or lifts where the wrist joint is under tension. The purpose of these wraps is to prevent injury, first and foremost, and to enable you to push through to those higher weight targets that you're striving for without compromising your safety.

How do you use Wrist Wraps?

There are distinct sides.  Make sure you choose the correct side for the hand that you are wrapping. 

  • Find the thumb loop and put it through your thumb and bring the wrap over your hand.
  • Wrap it around your wrist once, then a 2nd time to add tension
  • The logo (Batman, Superman, Performa Logo, etc, should be on the outside of your wrist.

What PERFORMA Wrist Wraps are made of:

They are actually 21" long (even though the video says 18" 😜. They are made from a polyester and elastic blend. They are extremely comfortable and provide excellent support.

Available in the following Collection:

  • DC
  • WWE
  • MLB

Shop PERFORMA Wrist Wraps HERE:

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