How to Use a Protein Shaker (Properly!)

Do you put water in your shaker first or protein?


Protein shakers are often plastic with a drinking spout and some type of agitator to properly mix powders or supplements with a base liquid. Although it might seem like commonsense to you, there seems to be a continuous debate on the best way to use a shaker bottle for blending protein. 

There are three very important features to look for when choosing the right protein shaker. 

  1. A secure lid.
  2. A functional agitator. 
  3. Antibacterial materials that are easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Step 1: Add water or base liquid.

Depending on what type of protein or supplement you’re using, you may want to substitute water for milk, almond milk or another liquid base. 

Step 2: Add protein powder and/or supplements.

Be careful to read your protein or supplement label. Often times the recommended portion is actually smaller than the scoop provided.

Step 3: Securely tighten the shaker lid.

This is where a quality shaker becomes evident. You want to ensure you have a nice secure seal so you can shaker without losing all your expensive protein and supplements.

Step 4: Shake, shake, shake!

With a quality shaker, this step really shouldn’t take long to reap great results. With our PERFORMA™ protein shaker, we had perfectly smooth protein in as little as four shakes. 

Step 5: Ready to drink! 

With quality shakers such as our PERFORMA™ shakers, you’ll see no clumps or residue on the bottom or edges of the shaker bottle. 

Be careful to read and understand the ingredients in your protein and supplements. If they contain artificial sugars and ingredients, the mixed protein can sour if left unrefrigerated. Our PERFORMA™  protein shakers are dishwasher safe however, we like to fill with warm water and a drop of dish soap before shaking clean. Simply rinse out and leave upside down to dry until your next use.

When looking to purchase a protein shaker, always go back to those three main features: 

  1. Does your shaker bottle have a secure lid that doesn’t leak? Our PERFORMA™ shakers are 100% leak free guarantee and have a limited lifetime warranty. 
  2. What type of agitator does your shaker have? A successful shaker needs a agitator that works against the water when shaking. Our PERFORMA™ ActionRod technology works to perfectly blend all protein and supplements.
  3. Is the protein shaker made with odor resistant materials that are easy to clean? Our PERFORMA™ shakers are antibacterial to ensure your shaker stays looking and smelling clean and fresh. 

We hope this article helps conclude the argument of how to use a protein shaker properly and helps you in your search for the perfect bottle. 

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