The 2019 Gym Must-Have You Need in Your Life

Introducing PERFORMA™ FitGO™— our gym must-have for 2019.

How many times have you forgotten your keys in the cardio equipment only to realize two hours later when trying to get into the car? Us too.

Gone are the days of unloading your keys, credit card, phone and shaker every time you switch machines or forgetting valuables at the gym.

FitGO, Neoprene Shaker Sleeve, Keep your phone, keys, credit cards, and license all in one convenient place while keeping your drink cool, Performa

The PERFORMA™ FitGO™ is water resistant and holds all your essentials in once place for quick, easy access. Carry and secure personal items such as keys and cards, access your cell phone and keep your PERFORMA™ shaker cup colder longer. Plus, the soft touch fabric stops condensation in its tracks. 

Featuring an Ez View accessible pocket for your cell phone; a storage pocket for money, hair elastics, etc; and a key loop, this gym must-have really is a gym must-have in 2019.


  • 100% Officially Licensed Products
  • CLIMATECH: High density neoprene insulation that is water resistant and keeps liquids cooler, longer.
  • EZ VIEW: An accessible pocket for your cell phone in which you can see your screen.
  • SOFTOUCH: Integrated finger loop for easy, comfortable transportation and a key holder.
  • STORAGE POCKET: Convenient front pocket that fits cards, coins, money, etc.

FitGO, Neoprene Shaker Sleeve, Features, Performa

PERFORMA™ FitGO™ Collections

The PERFORMA™ FitGO™ is available in a variety of colors or branded with our favourite characters from our DC, as well as a bunch of PERFORMA Colors.

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