The Best On-The-Go Shaker Cup: PERFORMA™ ACTIV

New, Improved and with Tons to offer!!

The New ACTIV Shaker is available and ready for purchase.  We took our beloved PerfectShaker and made it even better! What makes it improved? We're glad you asked...

Integrated Handle:

Move from rack to machine with ease with our new PERFORMA ACTIV shaker. The easy-to-grab integrated handle allows for efficient transitions and a place to hook your keys. The perfect shaker to encourage you to hydrate on-the-go. Hook on your ACTIV shaker to your gym bag or throw it into your work bag without fear.

ACTIV Shaker Cup, 28oz, Batman, Integrated Handle, Performa

3 Sizes Available:

Now available in 3 different sizes: 20oz ACTIV, 28oz ACTIV, and 48oz ACTIV. We have a shaker for any occasion and for any need. The 20oz ACTIV is great for kids, or if your powder drink calls for a small amount of water.  The 28oz ACTIV is the standard shaker size, perfect for all of your fitness needs.  The 48oz ACTIV is the mammoth and it's great for those double shakes or just as a huge water bottle. Check them all out today.

ACTIV Shaker Cups, 20oz, 28oz, 40oz, Available in 3 Sizes, Performa

Backward Compatible:

Our ACTIV collection shakers feature all the same incredible benefits you love from our classic PerfectShaker.

We’ve even designed the ACTIV shaker lid to perfectly fit our classic PerfectShaker shaker base. Update your favourite PERFORMA superhero shaker with our new integrated handle and go. 

Leak-Free Guaranteed:

Our shakers are 100 percent leak free guaranteed. What does this guarantee mean?  If your shaker leaks for any reason, we'll replace it hassle-free.  All you have to do is fill out this form.

Totally Awesome Features:

Along with being shatter resistant and BPA free, the ACTIV shaker uses the same patented ActionRod technology that has sold millions of our shakers around the globe. Not only that but our shakers are also dishwasher safe (top rack recommended) and covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

ACTIV Shaker Cup, 28oz, Batman, Features, Performa

Tons of Selection:

Along with our licensed options, we currently offer the ACTIV shaker in 17 different colors and 3 sizes. 


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