The PERFORMA ACTIV 48oz - The Biggest Shaker on the Planet

Our Newest, Biggest Shaker For Big Results 

Introducing the biggest protein shaker on the market: the PERFORMA™ACTIV 48. 

Well #PerformaNation, many of you have asked for a larger shaker for more hydration, better recovery and better results. Enter the PERFORMA™ 48 oz ACTIV. 

We have taken our original 28oz ACTIV to the next level engineering a bigger shaker, bigger ActionRod and bigger integrated handle for those looking for a little more in their shaker cup (literally). 

The 48oz shaker is made of shatter resistant, Duraplex plastic backed by a 100% leak-free and Limited Lifetime Warranty. The cap is completely secure (no rubber seal needed) and provides our daily message to you: you are awesome. 

The ActionRod is almost double the size of our original ACTIV shaker to ensure you still get the perfect mix in just a few shakes.

The integrated ACTIV handle has been adjusted to withstand the weight of the full 1.4 litre bottle. The larger handle makes moving and hydrating during your workout and day-to-day life more convenient. 

Like all of our PERFORMA shaker cups, the 48oz ACTIV uses a special UV ExtraLast ink to resist fading in the sun and dishwasher. We recommend washing all PERFORMA shakers on the top rack and removing the ActionRod from the lid for the most thorough clean.

You can feel great about hydrating with PERFORMA. All of our products our 3rd party tested and BPA free. We strive to make quality products that will reduce your use of single use plastic and the rate at which you need to replace your products. Help us reduce our landfills and purchase quality. 

What do you think of this new size of shaker? Do you prefer our ACTIV Mini (20oz), the original ACTIV (28oz) or our new ACTIV 48oz? We would love to know your opinion in the comments below!

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