Top 5 Back-To-School Essentials

 As the air becomes crisp and the first leaves begin to fall, we begin to focus on one thing—back-to-school time!

Whether you are heading back to the high school hallways, venturing through campus or need a back-to-school-like reset at work, we have the essentials to keep you inspired and healthy.

1) Combination Lock

We offer our combination locks in PERFORMA Black. Our locks are made with premium materials by one of the best lock makers in the world. We use an special water transfer process to ensure the life of your design.

The best part, you can reset your password as many times as you like! Stand out in the hallways and never forget which locker is yours at the gym with our PERFORMA locks.

Combination Lock, Black, Performa

Shop our PERFORMA combination locks here

2) ACTIV Shaker

Staying hydrated on-the-go is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle (and a sharp mind in class). Stop purchasing one-use plastic water bottles and opt for our PERFORMA ACTIV shaker. With an integrated handle and shatter resistant plastic, this shaker bottle will withstand the school year’s events.

ACTIV Shaker Cup, 28oz, Performa

Shop our PERFORMA ACTIV shakers here

3) The FitGo

This cool shaker cozy is perfect for storing everything you need to run out for lunch or heading to gym class. The FitGo features a cell phone holder, change pocket (perfect for a debit card or extra hair bands), a key ring and a carrying loop. With designs ranging from Wonder Woman to various colors, there is a FitGo to match every shaker.

FitGO, Shaker Sleeve, Performa

Shop our FitGos here

4) Matrix Cooler Bag

Yes, packing a lunch is cool in 2021. Fuel your fall using our incredible six meal cooler bag. With room for up to nine meals, two shakers, a tablet and so much more, this bag is perfect for those on-the-go this school year. 

We’ve loaded the PERFORMA Matrix cooler bag with a ton of features to help you stay organized this fall. Choose from Batman, PERFORMA Black/Pink and PERFORMA Black.

Each cooler bag comes with six leak-free meal containers (to match your chosen design) and two TSA approved ice packs.

6 Meal Cooler Bag, Black and Pink, Performa

Shop the PERFORMA Matrix cooler bag here

5) Meal Containers 

If you plan to stick to your backpack or briefcase, check out our leak-free meal containers. Feel confident tossing your container right in your backpack without fear of leaking soup or chilli. 

You can now purchase our 24oz meal prep containers individually or in packs of three. 

3 Pack, Meal Containers, Batman, Performa

Shop our PERFORMA meal containers here.

As disappointed as most of us are at the end of the summer, fall and back-to-school time provides an opportunity to start fresh and refocus on your goals. We wish you all luck and health in the school year ahead.

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